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Celine Dion: 20081129

December 5, 2008
Celine Program
The Phyllis and Me
Eiji & Barbara
The Diva Herself
Celine's Playground

The Phyllis and I went to the Honda Center to see Celine Dion.  About 15,000 other people did the same thing, but what the hell, I’m sure she knew that we were there and that’s all that matters, right?


I am not now nor have I ever been a huge Celine fan, but I have got to give that girl kudos.  She puts on one hell of a show.  Singing, dancing, video screens…everything the modern diva needs to take her show on the road, she brought it, and more (that having been said, it’s still Aerosmith and Bad Company songs I’m singin’ in the shower).


We were fortunate enough to be in the Black & Decker suite, so our seats were fan-freakin-tastic (thank you, Miss Vicki).  We shared the suite with some very fun folks; Lanie and I were mesmerized by the shoes Celine wore with every outfit, Eiji and I kept checking the score of the USC v Notre Dame game (38 – 3…..SCORCH!), and Paline was her general sweet self…if you’ve got to the share the company suite, these are the folks with whom to share it!


With love and Kathy Griffin’s voice echoing ‘Rene Angelil’ in my head,



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Halloween 2008

December 5, 2008
Frankenstein Pumpkin
Dracula Pumpkin
Halloween 2008 Taylors Posse
Sister Michael
Auntie Jodi With Tay and Craig
Halloween 2008 Tay and Craig
Bottle of Bliss
Tito:  Cutie Pie Distiller

Ain't no Halloween like a Tetonian Halloween!

As pretty much everyone knows, Halloween is the biggest Tetonian event of the year.  This year we mixed it up a little and instead of doing a baked potato bar, Theresa made a ton and a half of homemade ziti.  If you've never had Theresa's ziti, I pity you.  Ambrosia fit for the G-ds, Theresa's ziti is.

So, this year the beautiful Taylor and her posse came by to say hi and show off their fabulous costumes.  Taylor dressed as Artemis.  Why Artemis?  So she could make grand, sweeping gestures with her hands and say, "I am reminded of the hunt!"  Taylor's beau, the handsome Craig, dressed as Julius Caesar and the rest of the motley crew rocked it with everything from superheroes to princesses.  Ah, to be 15 again….

Another tidbit that made this year different was my introduction of Tito's Handmade Vodka to the Tetonians.  If you've never tried it, you really need to make a point of getting your hands on some (BevMo, baybeees!).  Smooth and delish…after the first sip, we agreed that Tito's was to be the neighborhood beverage of choice.  After the first bottle, we renamed ourselves St. Tito's Parish and dubbed the maker St. Tito, Patron Saint of Libations.  So, our street is Teton Way and we refer to ourselves as Tetonians.  Tetonians/Tito-nians?!?!?  Coincidence?  I THINK NOT!  Sometimes the stars align and it all comes together exactly as it should (and it doesn't hurt any that Tito himself is smokin'…check out the picture!).

We're already working on a theme for next year…my vote was that we all come as paparazzi and photograph everyone who comes by to trick or treat.  If you've got any ideas, bring 'em on!!

For the love of vodka,


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Bat Boy, The Musical: 20081025

October 27, 2008
Hold Me, Bat Boy!
Bob Nearly Escaped...
Dinner at Uncle Pete's Cafe
The Tiara Girls
Bad Boy Addicts Go Goth
The Bat Boy Version of Jazz Hands
With Taylor
With Jordan
The Snookies With the Cast
Mom?  Shelly!  QUIET!
Lobby Art

SA-WEET WOUNDED JESUS!!!  Where to begin?  In a cave many miles to the south, obviously!!  On Saturday night the Snookies and I went to see Bat Boy: The Musical at the Costa Mesa Civic Playhouse.  They knocked it out of the park!  But I'm getting ahead of myself…please hold…

This outing was a Bat Boy make-up date from last week.  Last week, the girls and I went to see Bat Boy in San Pedro.  What we didn't know up front was that it was the London version of the show; the songs were different, the dialogue wasn't the same…all in all, it wasn't the Bat Boy we have come to know and love.  A make up performance was definitely required; hence, our foray into Costa Mesa the following week-end to see the same show yet again.  So, we're a little addicted…get off us!  We might have to go all Bat Boy on your ass…errr, neck…if you don't!

Our evening started off with dinner at Uncle Pete's Cafe in Westminster.  Going to Uncle Pete's is like going to your favorite auntie's house for dinner.  Delish food, huge quantities, staff that's like family, and awesome prices…in short, you can't beat it with a stick.  The Snookies dad, Bob, got the unbridled pleasure of dining with us.  (Editor's note:  This was the second week-end in a row that a man has bought the three of us dinner.  I think it's the tiaras.  They emanante some sort of big magic, obviously.  It's that or the men are mesmerized as we glitter like diamonds in the mid-day sun; either way, it's workin' for me!!)

With full tummys and a heightened sense of anticipation, we headed off to the theater.  The first thing we noticed was the very dark art hanging on the walls.  Someone who was operating at the mercy of a fevered imagination obviously created the pieces.  Dark, and perfect for the production at hand.  The second thing we noticed was that the actor who had played Dr. Parker in the previous week's production was in the audience.  We were tickled with ourselves for recognizing him (and he was kind enough to take a picture of the three of us…a scholar AND a gentleman…who knew?!?!?).

Then the show started and we were off.  From the opening number to the standing ovation at the end, it was fantastic.  Fan-freakin-tastic!  It was show we were hoping for; the actors were spot on, voices were strong, and the entire audience loved it.  The only tough thing for Taylor, Jordan, and me was NOT singing along.  We've memorized every word to every song and we sing 'em loud and proud.  Seriously, I am a legend in my own shower.  I sing it for all I'm worth; sadly, I'm utterly tone deaf, but in my head I sound just like Meredith Parker on the soundtrack.  You should hear my "Three Bedroom House"; it's unlike anything you've heard before (and, tragically for all of us, that's not even remotely a good thing).

At the conclusion of the show, the cast was kind enough to allow us to take a few photographs.  I fear we may have frightened them with our obsequious fawning, but they muscled up, carried on, and smiled bravely.  Thanks to all of them for giving us the show we were craving.  We will definitely be back!

Speaking of going back, the show is closing Halloween week-end.  If anyone is interested in going to the Saturday night performance, let me know, and I shall cause it to happen.  I'm not ashamed to see Bat Boy three week-ends in a row.  To paraphrase Edward Cullen, "it's my brand of heroin," and I've got my wicked little addiction all the way on. 

What else is there to say but "Hold me, Bat Boy!!"?  Not a bloody thing (no pun intended!), so I shall conclude my musings with love, fangs, and not denying my beast inside.

Dance with me, darling,


PS  Remember, don't kill Mrs. Taylor's kids!!

PPS  It must be noted that a mountain is no place to raise cows.  Take heed!

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Wicked: 20080927

September 28, 2008

Three of Us
Jo, Auntie Gail, and Tay
Auntie Gail and Jo
On the Stairs
Auntie DebO and Chelsea
The First Cousins Club
Borrayo Family
Suz and Me
HaughT and Me
Grandma Jacques and Suz

Today, 136 honorary Oz-ians and I went to see Wicked at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.  As always, the show was fantastic (is it more correct to say Oz-tastic?) and a wonderful time was had by all.  (A crowd of 137 attending a single event; that’s the biggest triumph for the Pfun Pfairy so far!  GO PFUN PFAIRY!!)


Side note:  I just found out that Megan Hilty is coming back and reprising the role of Glinda (the “Ga” is silent) once her run in 9-to-5 is complete….I’m thinking this may mean one more trip to see Wicked before it leaves town on January 11th…anybody interested?


Thanks to some stellar driving directions from Mike Garza, we arrived at the theatre with plenty of time to spare.  We actually got to take the photographs we didn’t have time to take the last time we saw the show.  Check out my beautiful nieces in their super sparkle-y tiaras and the glowing faces of Cookie’s handsome sons.  You can’t buy happiness like that.


Here is my recipe for creating the perfect day:  take one turkey and provolone sandwich, add a soda in a commemorative Wicked cup, sprinkle liberally with love, friendship, and Pfun Pfairy-ness, add a heapin’ helping of Wicked and a side order of Good’N’Plentys, and mix thoroughly.  If the end result doesn’t leave you changed for the better, you are in obvious need of some serious pharmaceutical intervention.


With love, green-ness clear to the bone, heart, brains, courage, and all things Oz-ian,



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Jesse and Michael’s Wedding: 20080830

August 31, 2008

The Grooms
The Phyllis and Me
Last Cuddle With Jesse Before the Big Moment
Joining My Husbands in Holy Matrimony
The Ceremony
Taking Vows
The Mother of the Groom
The Fam
The Roberts-Reese Posse
The Grooms and The Phyllis
Celebrant Sandwich
Making It Official
My Two Husbands

Today I had the mind-blowing honor of officiating at the wedding of two members of my family, Jesse and Michael.  Jesse has been my Work Husband for years and I've loved him from the beginning.  Michael is the most perfect, handsome, charming husband Jesse could ever pray to find, and together they are one of my favorite couples ever.  When they decided to get married and asked me to officiate I was blown away, and I accepted without hesitation.

The house and back patio were filled with flowers and balloons, the guys wore white dress shirts and jeans, and I managed to get into a sundress I haven't been able to get into for years.  Between the genuine happiness for Jesse and Michael and the champagne (and, I gotta be honest, a wee splash of vodka), everyone was in a festive mood and we had ourselves a perfect wedding.  The guys and I managed to not cry (which was a miracle), but Neal and Josh got a little weep-y.  Side note:  Speaking of Neal, kudos to you, boyfriend, for being the photographer and thinking to record the ceremony!  Well done, my friend, you may stay.

On a personal note, it's been a long time since I did something where I was 100% in the moment and not just going through the required machinations.  I found officiating a wedding to be a soul-nourishing/replenishing experience, and I was filled all the way up.  The magnitude of the occasion wasn't lost on anyone, and getting to have this experience with two people I love so deeply is definitely one of the highlights of my life and one of the moments of which I am the most proud. 

I just might have a future in this wedding business thing, I don't know…..what I do know is that the weather was beautiful, my handsome sweeties were happy, and a great day was had by all.

Congratulations, Jesse and Michael!  We love, honor, respect, and cherish you and we are honored to have you as part of our family.

With this blog, I thee wed,


aka The Celebrant

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Lucky Strike: 20080816

August 22, 2008
Lucky Strike
Couture Footwear
Watch Out!
Bowling is Exhausting
Lean On Me...

On August 16th I hosted a bowling party for Black & Decker at Lucky Strike at the Block at Orange.  We had a blast!  Bob brought the snookies, The Phyllis decided to come along, and I did no permanent damage to ANYONE with my slightly under-superior bowling skills.  No matter how you slice it, it was a stellar day!

With love and an understanding that split happens,

Auntie Jodi

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Metamorphoses: 20080711

July 14, 2008
With the Director and Cast Members
Messin' Around
With the Snookies
North Hollywood Sign
Interesting Take on Mary
Shades of Things to Come
Only Three More Years

With stunning imagery and a cast with limitless talent, Metamorphoses was an unmitigated delight.  I was a little worried that the girls wouldn't enjoy it; after all, this was the first non-musical we were going to be seeing.  Turns out that my worries were all unfounded.  They LOVED it!  Metamorphoses was captivating, vivid, tragic, comedic, passionate, violent, overflowing with love, and (to quote Patrick, the director) achingly beautiful.  Based on the myths of Ovid (one of the greatest storytellers in Latin poetry), Metamorphoses is based on the 15-volume collection of mythological and legendary stories that range from the creation of the universe to the death and deification of Julius Caesar.  Little Red Riding Hood it ain't!

A wee word about Patrick…Patrick and I have become friends over the last few years through our numerous conversations about my massive ticket needs at the Pantages.  When he told me he was directing this show, I basically begged for an invitation.  Patrick was, as ever, warm and gracious and invited the girls and I up.  Patrick has directed a beautiful production and has much of which to be proud.  Thanks for the invite, my friend, we had a wonderful time!!  On the Tiara Scale (our own invention, thankyouverymuch) of one to five, five being best, the girls and I gave Metamorphoses a rousing five tiaras.  Bravo indeed!!!

With hugs and a suggestion that you should consider hanging out with Zeus, Midas, Eurydice, and their posse your own bad self,

Auntie Jodi


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