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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: 20091211

December 13, 2009
SCCM 20091211
SCCM 200912111 We Have Landed!
SCCM 20091211 Three Beauties
SCCM 20091211 With Loree
SCCM 200912122 Jen and Me
SCCM 20091211 Santa and The Tiara Girls
SCCM 20091211 With Santa and Posse
SCCM 20091211 Voldar and His Massive Weapon

WE HAVE LANDED!!  Between spending an evening with 30 members of my family and friends, laughing so hard my face ached, and debuting my new tiara, this year's outing to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians was the clear winner in the 2009 Theatrical Extravaganza Competition.  Kudos to you, Maverick Theater…you outdo yourself year after year after year.

This year the cast thrilled us with some laser-sharp improv skills…Princess Voldar, please step forward!  Our tiaras were 'liberated' and 'repurposed' by the ultimate Martian baddie, Voldar (Nathan Makaryk)…a fair case could be made that he wore them every bit as well as we did (and perhaps even a hair better).  You gotta love a Martian who appreciates some fine bling!

Speaking as if his English was learned from repeated viewings of PBS specials, the character Chormar (David Chorley) is a delightful addition to the production. While we certainly miss Rigna, we feel compelled to admit that we loved us some Chormar!

Santa (Nick McGee) was as wonderful as you'd expect him to be.  I wonder how many other Jewish girls crush on Santa Claus…okay, okay, so he's married and he's geographically undesirable, but that Santa suit makes me want to toast SOMEBODY'S chestnuts…

Billy (Jamie Scheel) and the long-suffering Betty (Katie Sapp…I'm looking at you, Beyonce) positively revel in their dorkiness and get more adorable every year.  When they cracked up mid-scene with Girmar (Leah Feliciano), the entire audience loved it and they pretty much brought the house down.  You can't buy moments like that!

By the end of the evening the young'uns were mesmerized and the former young'uns were delighted, and another magical night was enjoyed by all.  If there's a better way to celebrate the first night of Chanukah than enjoying Santa Claus Conquers the Martians with the ones you love, I've yet to discover it.

All our love and thanks to the cast and crew…we will DEFINITELY see you next year!

With love and bling,

Auntie Jodi and the Tiara Girls

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