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Rocky Horror: 20091106

November 7, 2009
A Proud Auntie and Two Beauties
The UberFabulous Tiara Girls
Jen and Me
With Rocky Himself!
The Tiara Girls with The Cast
Frank N Furter and the Tiara Girls
7 Feet of Gay Man...Who Needs More Than That?
With the Sweetest of the Sweet Transvestites
With Nick, Drunken Narrator Extraordinaire

Okay…I am a HUGE fan of vulgaris interruptus…all right, all right, I made that phrase up, get off me!  Vulgaris interruptus refers to the insertion of the "F" word into other words…it's quite a handy tool to have in your communication arsenal.  That having been said, the fact that younguns check this blog from time to time will cause me to temper my vulgaris interruptus enthusiasm and instead share that tonight's performance of Rocky Horror was fan-freakin-tastic….sorry, make that FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!  The cast was AWESOME (Dennis Tong rocked it as Frank N Furter), the music was spot on…errr, spot-freakin-on, our tiaras sparkled like Edward Cullen in the mid-day sun, and Sonic served up some seriously tasty cherry limeades.  A better night could not be bought for all the fishnet stockings on Transsexual, Transylvania.

Accompanying me at tonight's tiara-filled soiree were my two nieces, Taylor and Jordan, their cousin, Chelsea, two of Tay's friends, Rachel and Katie, my wonderful friend Jennie and her cousin Christina, and, of course, my sister Gail.  Watching the girls dance the Time Warp was the highlight of the evening for me…I tried to post the video, but it was too long…somebody bend the time/space continuum RIGHT NOW!!

So just trust me on this:  do yourself a favor and get your happy ass down to the Maverick Theatre in Fullerton lickety-freakin-split.  You'll have a blast, you'll laugh, you'll dance, and your inner sweet transvestite will be fully illuminated by the light over at the Frankenstein place.  Enjoy!

Rose tint my world…keep me safe from my trouble and pain,

Auntie Jodi

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