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Laguna Cliffs Marriott: 20081212

December 14, 2008
Laguna Cliffs Marriott
LCM 20081212 Rae, Me, Dawn
LCM 20081212 Rae, Me, Dawn 2
LCM 20081212 Rae's Girls and Tony
LCM 20081212 Rae's Girls

The twin terrors, Rachael and Dawn, invited me to join them for the year-end holiday luncheon at their new property, the Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point.  The property is GORGEOUS, the view is beyond compare, and the atmosphere is fun and upscale without being the least bit stuffy.  In short, this is a lovely place to spend time!

Lunch was YUM-O!  The chef who was carving the prime rib had the most charming French accent.  He put a slice of beef on my plate and asked, "Would you care for ah-nothah?"  I smiled and said, "Well, if I must."  He very gallantly replied, "Of course you must!  It is win-taahhh!"  As if I need to beef up any more…it was sweet and charming (and the prime rib was delicious!), so I'm smiling and moving on.

I also met Tony, the most charming Big Man on Campus if ever there was one.  Given that the poor guy was in a room filled with women and he was outnumbered 75 to 1, he held up remarkably well.  Kudos to Tony!

I also got to sit with Rae's girls who were universally warm and wonderful.  We entered the ballroom as strangers and left as fast friends.  These girls are fantastic, dynamic humans, and it's easy to see why Rachael was drawn to each of them.  Keepers, the whole lot!

It was a fantastic afternoon; new friends were made, bellys got filled, the blessing of having a job in this economy was not lost on anyone, and a glorious time was had by all.  Happy holidays, indeed! 

With love and a fully stocked carving station,


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