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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: 20091211

December 13, 2009
SCCM 20091211
SCCM 200912111 We Have Landed!
SCCM 20091211 Three Beauties
SCCM 20091211 With Loree
SCCM 200912122 Jen and Me
SCCM 20091211 Santa and The Tiara Girls
SCCM 20091211 With Santa and Posse
SCCM 20091211 Voldar and His Massive Weapon

WE HAVE LANDED!!  Between spending an evening with 30 members of my family and friends, laughing so hard my face ached, and debuting my new tiara, this year's outing to Santa Claus Conquers the Martians was the clear winner in the 2009 Theatrical Extravaganza Competition.  Kudos to you, Maverick Theater…you outdo yourself year after year after year.

This year the cast thrilled us with some laser-sharp improv skills…Princess Voldar, please step forward!  Our tiaras were 'liberated' and 'repurposed' by the ultimate Martian baddie, Voldar (Nathan Makaryk)…a fair case could be made that he wore them every bit as well as we did (and perhaps even a hair better).  You gotta love a Martian who appreciates some fine bling!

Speaking as if his English was learned from repeated viewings of PBS specials, the character Chormar (David Chorley) is a delightful addition to the production. While we certainly miss Rigna, we feel compelled to admit that we loved us some Chormar!

Santa (Nick McGee) was as wonderful as you'd expect him to be.  I wonder how many other Jewish girls crush on Santa Claus…okay, okay, so he's married and he's geographically undesirable, but that Santa suit makes me want to toast SOMEBODY'S chestnuts…

Billy (Jamie Scheel) and the long-suffering Betty (Katie Sapp…I'm looking at you, Beyonce) positively revel in their dorkiness and get more adorable every year.  When they cracked up mid-scene with Girmar (Leah Feliciano), the entire audience loved it and they pretty much brought the house down.  You can't buy moments like that!

By the end of the evening the young'uns were mesmerized and the former young'uns were delighted, and another magical night was enjoyed by all.  If there's a better way to celebrate the first night of Chanukah than enjoying Santa Claus Conquers the Martians with the ones you love, I've yet to discover it.

All our love and thanks to the cast and crew…we will DEFINITELY see you next year!

With love and bling,

Auntie Jodi and the Tiara Girls

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Rocky Horror: 20091106

November 7, 2009
A Proud Auntie and Two Beauties
The UberFabulous Tiara Girls
Jen and Me
With Rocky Himself!
The Tiara Girls with The Cast
Frank N Furter and the Tiara Girls
7 Feet of Gay Man...Who Needs More Than That?
With the Sweetest of the Sweet Transvestites
With Nick, Drunken Narrator Extraordinaire

Okay…I am a HUGE fan of vulgaris interruptus…all right, all right, I made that phrase up, get off me!  Vulgaris interruptus refers to the insertion of the "F" word into other words…it's quite a handy tool to have in your communication arsenal.  That having been said, the fact that younguns check this blog from time to time will cause me to temper my vulgaris interruptus enthusiasm and instead share that tonight's performance of Rocky Horror was fan-freakin-tastic….sorry, make that FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!  The cast was AWESOME (Dennis Tong rocked it as Frank N Furter), the music was spot on…errr, spot-freakin-on, our tiaras sparkled like Edward Cullen in the mid-day sun, and Sonic served up some seriously tasty cherry limeades.  A better night could not be bought for all the fishnet stockings on Transsexual, Transylvania.

Accompanying me at tonight's tiara-filled soiree were my two nieces, Taylor and Jordan, their cousin, Chelsea, two of Tay's friends, Rachel and Katie, my wonderful friend Jennie and her cousin Christina, and, of course, my sister Gail.  Watching the girls dance the Time Warp was the highlight of the evening for me…I tried to post the video, but it was too long…somebody bend the time/space continuum RIGHT NOW!!

So just trust me on this:  do yourself a favor and get your happy ass down to the Maverick Theatre in Fullerton lickety-freakin-split.  You'll have a blast, you'll laugh, you'll dance, and your inner sweet transvestite will be fully illuminated by the light over at the Frankenstein place.  Enjoy!

Rose tint my world…keep me safe from my trouble and pain,

Auntie Jodi

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Mamma Mia: 20090418

April 20, 2009
20090418 We're Goin' to the Show
20090418 In Front of the Pantages
20090418 With the Snookies
20090418 On the Stairs
20090418 With John Hemphill

People, let's remember that spandex is a privilege, not a right!  A crowd of 59 of us got together to go see Mamma Mia at the Pantages and it was FANTASTIC!    Sometimes the touring companies don't put on shows equal to the sit-down companies shows, but these guys knocked it out of the park…everyone in the audience was singing and clapping…I enjoyed this show every bit as much as the shows I saw in Las Vegas and London.

A few members of the cast were in the lobby collecting money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and we were fortunate enough to have John Hemphill (Sam Carmichael) agree to take a picture with the Tiara Girls.  He was gracious and charming and made for a spectacular Sam Carmichael (and sings ever so much better than Pierce Brosnan).  Taking a picture with him was the perfect ending to a perfect afternoon.

A word about my shirt: while I agree that a crystal-ed skull with an eye-patch and a sword running through it does not scream Mamma Mia, it is SOOO me and I LOVE it!  Jordan tried to mug me for it, but I fought her off.  Youth and skill are no match for age and treachery.

And that's it!  If you get a chance to see the show, I'd suggest you grab it.  You won't be sorry, and you'll get an renewed appreciation for spandex.  Who wouldn't want that? Enjoy!

ABBA rules!

With love and a chorus line of boys dancing in swim fins,


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My AWESOME Birthday Shin Digs: 20090321

March 22, 2009


20090321 It's My Birthday!
20090321 With My Little Sister
20090321 With Darcy
20090321 Joanie and Me
20090321 With Suz
20090321 With Taylor Rose
20090321 The Real Star of the Show
20090321 Two Devotees in St. Tito's Parish
20090321 Tito Needs Love Too
20090321 Divas in the House!!
20090321 Gettin' Tight With Fox Trot One
20090321 Feeling the Love!
20090321 Cuddling With Uncle Dickie
20090321 Hugging It Out With Greg

This was the best birthday EVER!!  Two shin digs, more love than you can wrap your head around, Hostess snack cakes, and vodka….a serious recipe for success if ever there was one!

The day started with breakfast in bed (Gail is a great cooker, by the way…if you ever get a chance to stay in this hotel, you should grab it!), and then it was off to the nail shop.  All my sisters in one place gettin' prettified…does it get better than having your feet and legs massaged with warmed lotion and hot river rocks while hanging out with your sisters?  I think not.  Perhaps the only possible topper was the Happy Birthday Serenade performed in Korean.  Perfect Nails is an all-service shop, that's for damn sure!!

Okay, to be fair, there was a second topper:  the newest inductee into the Sisterhood, the lovely Joanie Bonfiglio (she's in the yellow top) gave me the gift that keeps on giving, a gallon-sized jug of Tito's Handmade Vodka.  In case you have not yet picked up on it, Joanie's awesomeness exceeds all superlatives and she will be at all subsequent Sisterhood events.  She has also offered to be my designated driver when I head off to Betty Ford…..she's a keeper!!

Pizza and toes and vodka, oh my!!

The evening's festitives were ultra-fabulous too.  Greg arrived with two boxes under his arm and told me they both needed to go into the freezer.  Want to guess what the boxes contained?  Go ahead, guess…give up?  Okay, I'll tell you….the first box was bon bons…YUM!.  The second box was Flat Iron Steaks from Omaha Steaks.  The man brought me frozen beef!!  Do I have THE most fabulous friends in the world, or what?!?!?! 

Appetizers galore were provided by Michael and Erin Rodriguez (aka Fox Trot One and The Wife, respectively), so folks had plenty in their bellies before Uncle Tito made his entrance.  We ate, we drank, we played LCR…we had a blast!  Then Michael produced the piece de resistance (get your mind out of the gutter!); he hooked up his Wii and we bowled, played tennis, and boxed…well, tried to box, anyway.  I am the least athletic human in all of creation.  I am the anti-Michael Phelps.  Tragic, but true.

In the end, I had the best birthday I've ever had.  I got exactly what I wanted:  a rockin' great time with the folks I love that included great food and a semi-copious amount of vodka.  Birthdays are AWESOME!!!

With love, laughter, friendship, exquisite toe nails, frozen beef, and a gallon of Tito's,


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The Phantom of the Opera: 20090124

January 25, 2009
TPOTO 20090124 Art
TPOTO 20090124 Outside the Pantages
TPOTO 20090124 02 Fox Trot One and Delta Four
TPOTO 20090124 The Three of Us

Today I saw The Phantom of the Opera for the tenth time.  Yes, you read that correctly…ten times.  Today's extravaganza was actually a Pfun Pfairy event and I had a crowd of 59 in attendance at today's performance.  Michael Rodriguez, cutie pie extraordinaire, manned up and bravely accompanied Jordan, Taylor, and me to the Pantages Theatre.  The show itself was good, and on the Tiara Scale of one to five, five being best, we rated it four tiaras.

The actor who sang the role of Raoul wasn't my favorite; he was singing it almost like he was learning the part.  The actor who played the Phantom, however, was outstanding….make the OUTSTANDING.  You know there's something amiss with the show when you're rooting for the Phantom to win Christine's heart.  Rooting for the Phantom is the equivalent of rooting for the Sheriff of Nottingham…no one does that!  That I was pulling for the Phantom should give you some indication of how amazingly well the role was played.  Kudos to you, talented masked man!!

Usually the line of the day originates from the show itself, but not this time.  No, this time the line of day was proffered by the one, the only Diane Whitmer (whom you are required to love and adore as profoundly as I do; it's a Jodi Rule, deal with it).  Are you ready?  Here it is:  at the conclusion of intermission, Diane conspiratorially whispered to me, "Soooo, is a Michael a boyfriend?"  I giggled and replied, "Ummm, no, he's married and I am not that lucky!"  Diane responded…wait for it…wait for it…."Oh, no, honey, I didn't mean you, I meant the girls."  There was a serious implied 'dumb ass' at the end of her sentence.  I laughed so hard I actually snorted.  Lights down, music up, second act commencing, and I snorted.  That was the funniest interaction I have had in recent memory, and a million thanks go to Diane for giving me a genuine laugh amidst all the craziness of the last few weeks.  DIANE WHITMER ROCKS!

It was a good day all the way around:  the company was stellar, the show was entertaining, the rain held off, traffic was only moderately diabolical, and I made the discovery that I can eat a taco whilst driving.  Does it get better than that?  I just don't think so!!

With love, tiaras, and Taco Bell,

Auntie Jodi (aka The Pfun Pfairy)

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Laguna Cliffs Marriott: 20081212

December 14, 2008
Laguna Cliffs Marriott
LCM 20081212 Rae, Me, Dawn
LCM 20081212 Rae, Me, Dawn 2
LCM 20081212 Rae's Girls and Tony
LCM 20081212 Rae's Girls

The twin terrors, Rachael and Dawn, invited me to join them for the year-end holiday luncheon at their new property, the Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point.  The property is GORGEOUS, the view is beyond compare, and the atmosphere is fun and upscale without being the least bit stuffy.  In short, this is a lovely place to spend time!

Lunch was YUM-O!  The chef who was carving the prime rib had the most charming French accent.  He put a slice of beef on my plate and asked, "Would you care for ah-nothah?"  I smiled and said, "Well, if I must."  He very gallantly replied, "Of course you must!  It is win-taahhh!"  As if I need to beef up any more…it was sweet and charming (and the prime rib was delicious!), so I'm smiling and moving on.

I also met Tony, the most charming Big Man on Campus if ever there was one.  Given that the poor guy was in a room filled with women and he was outnumbered 75 to 1, he held up remarkably well.  Kudos to Tony!

I also got to sit with Rae's girls who were universally warm and wonderful.  We entered the ballroom as strangers and left as fast friends.  These girls are fantastic, dynamic humans, and it's easy to see why Rachael was drawn to each of them.  Keepers, the whole lot!

It was a fantastic afternoon; new friends were made, bellys got filled, the blessing of having a job in this economy was not lost on anyone, and a glorious time was had by all.  Happy holidays, indeed! 

With love and a fully stocked carving station,


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Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: 20081205

December 7, 2008
Tiara Girls With Santa and Posse
With the Snookies
Taylor and Crew
Jordan and Chelsea
Loree and Me
Brian and the Tiara Girls
We Have Landed Indeed!
Voldar, Martian Sex God
Loree Goes into Pageant Mode
Jo and Chels at Sonic
Gail and Mike
Another One With the Snookies

WE HAVE LANDED!!  This year's pilgrimmage to our blog's namesake show was outstanding.  We made seeing the performance a Pfun Pfairy event and had friends, neighbors, co-workers, and cohorts in the audience with us.  In total, we were a crowd of 28 and occupied half of the Maverick Theater.

The show was goofy and fantastic (as always).  We all got a charge out of it when Voldar, Martian villian extraordinaire (who was exceptionally saucy and sexy this year…bigger weapon, indeed!) ad libbed, "What's next?  Is it not enough that we speak perfect English?  Are we now to attend inane plays and wear pretty, pretty princess tiaras?!?!?!"  You can't buy moments like that, and that is precisely why we keep coming back year after year after year.

The entire cast was wonderful.  The kids were mesmerized and the grown ups were delighted.  There really isn't a better show to see at the start of the holiday season.  Do yourself a favor: buy some tickets and enjoy!  Happy holidays!!

With love, Martian and otherwise,

Auntie Jodi

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